Looks at the most popular tech stacks of 2020 and the frameworks they consist of.

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Tech Stacks are considered the backbone of any application. However, it’s not just as simple as downloading or installing this stack and moving on. There is no Tech Stack organizations packaging and delivering them as a single package, rather you must find and install the parts of your stack individually.

This process of building out a tech stack has the disadvantage of a slightly higher learning curve, requiring would be developers to learn about the required infrastructure of an application before the begin building to ensure they have all the required parts. The advantage of this process however is that…

A brief overview and breakdown of the different database systems

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Whether you’re an experienced developer or just getting started the world of Databases can often be confusing and overwhelming. You have spent many hours learning your preferred programming language but now that you want to begin building projects you are at a loss.

Do fall back on some common data storage that you find in your different tutorials and lessons? Do you store all that data locally in JSONs? Maybe you fall back on the old reliable SQL for all your projects.

Although at first glance you may not know where to start, once you begin learning about different databases…

A brief overview covering the basics of Tkinter, python’s standard GUI library, and how to build a basic GUI.

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Tk is an open-source, cross-platform widget toolkit that allows for developers to create basic GUIs using a widget based development. Tk was originally released in 1991 with the original library written in C. Since then a number of Language Bindings have been released, including: Haskell, Ruby, Perl and Python.

The Python binding for Tk is known as Tkinter and it will be the library we will focus on in this introduction. Tkinter has since become the standard for GUI creation in Python however there are numerous alternatives including: PyQt, PySide, PyGame, wxPython and PyGTK.


  • Window: The general rectangular area that…

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